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Fortune Food launches new Chin Chow products

7 May 2009

Fortune Food has launched 2 new Chin Chow products under its house brand, Sweet Spot.

Sweet Spot Chin Chow is an affordable and convenient dessert for consumers on the go. As the chin chow is sweetened, no syrup needs to be added so it can be eaten directly from the cup (with a spoon, of course, that comes with each cup!).

Sweet Spot Chin Chow comes in 2 flavours—Fragrant chin chow and Chrysanthemum Chin Chow (made with extract from real chrysanthemum flowers). These Chin Chow, also known as grass jelly, are made of quality ingredients, making them a delightful and refreshing snack anytime, anywhere.

Sweet Spot Chin Chow is retailed at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

Sweet Spot also offers popular traditional Chinese desserts—black sesame paste and peanut paste.



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