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Fortune Silken Tofu, now with Omega 3 too!

12 August 2010

It is well-known that tofu is packed full of nutrients and has many health benefits when consumed. Now, Fortune goes one step further by bringing you our popular Silken Tofu fortified with Omega 3!

Omega 3 is essential as it aids in brain development and strengthens immunity system. It not only lowers the risk of contracting cancer and heart attack, but also prevents aches and pain caused by arthritis! Studies have also shown that children who consume Omega 3 from a young age have a lower risk of childhood disorders as compared to children who do not.**

Containing no preservatives or cholesterol, show your love for your family and friends by preparing meals using the new Fortune Silken Tofu with Omega 3. Certified Halal and using only Omega 3 extracts from vegetable sources, this Healthier Choice product is suitable for every one of all ages.

The new Fortune Silken Tofu with Omega 3 will be available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, selected minimarts and wet markets from 16 August 2010.

**Sources from Mount Sinai Medical Centre, NY. For full article, please view



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