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What is chin chow?
Chin chow is a brown-black jelly made from an herbaceous plant, Mesona Chinensis, which is largely found in Southern China. Chin chow is also known as xian cao (ɲ), grass jelly or divine grass.

It is a popular dessert in East Asia, normally eaten in jelly form or drunk as a beverage. Since it has a slight bitter taste, it is usually eaten with some syrup.

How is chin chow made?
Chin chow is made by boiling the stalks and leaves of the herb Mesona Chinensis to a decoction, then adding a small amount of starch. The mixture will then be cooled to room temperature for it to coagulate to form the dark-colored jelly.

What are the nutritional values in chin chow?
It contains iron and has no fats.

What are the potential health benefits of eating chin chow?
According to the article `Divine Grass' may be a new cash crop in the Taipei Times, Japanese researchers have found that Mesona has certain properties that have medical value.

Traditionally, Chin Chow is believed to reduce temperature, bring down fevers, prevent indigestion and lower high blood pressure.

According to Wikipedia, due to the high levels of estrogen in the roots of Mesona, the Chin Chow drink is popular amongst Vietnamese women as they believe it enhances fertility.

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