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Through these decades, Fortune Food has steadily expanded the range of healthy and tasty products it manufactures under our various house brands, including Fortune, Hosei, Sobe, Soyworld, Sweet Spot. Till date, it has established a portfolio of delectable products enjoyed by people from all generations.

Click the links below to see what we have to offer for each category:

Tofu (Fortune and SoyWorld)


The Chinese and Japanese have long revered and respected the qualities of tofu. The humble soyabean-based product contains quality protein, which is explains why it is considered the meat of vegetarians.

Fortune Food produces a wide range of preservative-free tofu that has become the household favorites in Singapore. From the traditional Chinese tofu to Japanese tofu to the fragrant egg tofu, Fortune Food offers these pasteurised products in a convenient, hygienic and contemporary form.



Soya Milk (Sobe and Fortune)

The humble soya bean is considered one of the healthiest gift from nature and Fortune has learned to extract its goodness and pioneered the way consumers enjoy it by packing it into convenient cartons. Our household brand, Sobe, is the very first fresh, pasturised soya milk introduced to Singaporeans; its rich and delicious taste is today still a favourite with both the young and old of our nation.

Besides Sobe, Fortune Food also offers Fortune Traditional Soya Milk, an economical and great-tasting beverage certain to delight your tastebuds.

Soya Milk












Noodles (Fortune)

The art of making noodles originated from China from as early as 5,000 B.C, and it has become one of the most essential ingredients in many of the cuisines available locally today. That is why Fortune Food offers a delectable range of noodles—including Hokkien noodles, Hong Kong noodles, Kway Teow. Mee Pok, etc—to satisfy the diverse palates of Singaporeans.




Udon (Fortune and Hosei)

Udon is a kind of thick noodle which originated in Japan. Fortune Udon is celebrated for its tender yet chewy texture and is great for frying or cooking in soups.

Besides that, living in the ‘Instant Noodle Generation’ does not mean you always have to eat your usual instant noodles that come in thin strands. With our range of Hosei Fresh Japanese Udon with seasoning, you can indulge in premium Japanese noodles in a jiffy.

Each serving comes with two sachets of seasonings—a packet of authentic Japanese sauce and a packet of dry seasoning with real vegetable pieces. Tasty, healthy and easy to prepare, Hosei Udon is an undeniably convenient treat.




Chin chow (Fortune and Sweet Spot)

Fortune Chin Chow is made from quality Mesona Chinensis. It is the first sweetened Chin Chow to be introduced in Singapore and many have enjoyed it as a refreshing dessert.

Chin Chow

Sweet Spot Chin Chow is an affordable and convenient dessert for consumers on the go. As the chin chow is sweetened, no syrup needs to be added so it can be eaten directly from the cup (with a spoon, of course, that comes with each cup!).

Sweet Spot Chin Chow comes in 2 flavours—Fragrant chin chow and Chrysanthemum Chin Chow (made with extract from real chrysanthemum flowers). These Chin Chow, also known as grass jelly, are made of quality ingredients, making them a delightful and refreshing snack anytime, anywhere.

Fragant Chin ChowChrysanthemum Chin Chow



Traditional Chinese dessert (Sweet Spot)

Take a sweet walk down memory lane with Sweet Spot, a range of traditional Chinese desserts that is smooth, creamy and bursting with flavours.








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